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Sweet music for everyone.

Sony Music, a leader in the global entertainment industry, found itself in a last-minute bind with the release of a hot new double vinyl LP. Sony’s regular manufacturing source for vinyl record jackets had encountered a mechanical glitch and was unable to produce the needed packaging in time for the album’s debut.

But with a few quick conference calls with our own key suppliers, we were able to match Sony’s unique product needs with the right equipment and operating specialists. Working together we were able to print, trim and fabricate the jackets to Sony’s exacting double-record specs and deliver the job with time to spare. All at a higher level of quality than the client’s regular supplier — without increasing costs. The result was a happy client for us, a better, less expensive product for them and a fresh, on-time supply of all-new tunes for music fans everywhere.

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  • ACDC’s “Black Ice” album

    cover, embossed with

    spot UV, and included

    24”x36” poster.

  • Dave Mathews Band

    “Big Whiskey and the

    GrooGrux” album, inside


  • Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” album boxed set,

    back of box.

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